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Let me be your force multiplier

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I started Resogy in order to share my experience, success and failures for the 90% of managers and leaders that don't have the opportunity to leverage a coaching/mentoring relationship that is totally aligned to their role and can provide specific and actionable advice and guidance.

I have deep expertise in technology and cybersecurity strategy and execution having held multiple CTO & CISO roles with both publicly traded and private companies. I have led/integrated and operated tech/cyber functions for over a dozen M&A and IPO/Spin deals. Coupled with this, I am an experienced startup advisor and VC LP/Angel Investor.

From experience, I know it is hard for non CxO leaders to receive relevant and actionable coaching that is deeply rooted in technology as well as cybersecurity domains.

There are two strata of coaching/mentoring that is currently available. Expensive services for executives and generalized coaching for developing individuals and middle/senior managers.

I'm working on disrupting this space and want to focus on the managers, leaders and entrepreneurs that are left behind and/or just want to grow in their roles and need some help.

Let's get after this together!


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Here is the value you will receive.

Actionable advice based on your specific role.
Typical Cost is: $50,000
Access to a CTO & CISO for advice, feedback and guidance.
Typical Cost is: $100,000
Force multiplier for you...a CxO in your pocket.
Typical Cost is: $400,000 +
$500 a month

Let me be your force multiplier

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